#CheckerNeyland 2016

The #CheckerNeyland story is special because it's a clear demonstration of the unrivaled passion of Tennessee football fans. In 2014, Knoxville came together and created one of the greatest sights in college football, and it snowballed from a single tweet from a fan. How did it happen? It wasn't just because of the tweet or a website. It happened because of hope. Coach Jones and his staff were building something special. We could feel it. Something was different, yet familiar. It was that hope that brought us together to accomplish something amazing, from plan to execution in only 11 DAYS!

#CheckerNeyland has always been a fan story, so for 2016, we asked fans to help us decide which game to checker. The results are clear and bold: BIG GAME. The vast majority of folks voted for the Florida and Alabama games. 36 votes separated them, and they are two of the biggest games on the schedule. I LOVE Tennessee.

As a dad or mom, as a brother or sister, as a Tennessee Football fan, whether you want to checker or shake or whatever else, just bring your A-game in 2016. Be ridiculously loud, and let's show the world what it means to be a Volunteer.

Thank you to those who participated. See you in a few days! Go Vols!